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PostSubject: GENERAL RULES   Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:24 am


  1. Keep swearing to extreme situations only - repeat offenses = kick
  2. Guild chat is to be conducted in English - repeat offenses = kick
  3. Guild Chat can be used to buy items, but try not to spam - repeat offenses = kick
  4. Selling of Items on /g is allowed, but try not to spam. As a courtesy try to ad a meaningful discount to the sale.
  5. Religion Bashing is not tolerated - Immediate kick
  6. Member Bashing is not tolerated, keep it to blue chat and contact a SIC - Repeat offenses = kick
  7. Ganging is seriously frowned upon, except in arranged PVP events or prism battles - Repeat offenses = kick
  8. Unnecessary verbal abuse or tirades in Black chat whilst in populated areas - Repeat offenses = kick
  9. Perc Rules - Click Here 
  10. Alliance - /A is for alliance stuff only. Not buying, trading or recruiting.


*Having alts in other guild

1) Do not give out blank perc coordinations to other people.

2) Do not attack blank percs with your alts.

3) You can not ask a blank member to stop attacking another guild's perc. You can only ask that you share the loot.  Blank should be your number one focus, if it isn't, your in the wrong guild.



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