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 Introduction to Blank & Recruitment

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Introduction to Blank & Recruitment Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Blank & Recruitment   Introduction to Blank & Recruitment EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 8:36 pm

About Blank

Created by Youbutsu (Youbelieve) and friends Blank one year after the launch of beta, 6 years later Blank is a 200 lvl guild on Rushu, thanks to a dedicated bunch of gamers and friends.
Blank has many accolades from the goultarminator event to its general reputation on Rushu. A tight knit group of hardcore players with lovable spirits and large goals.
Blank is like a family where we look after each other. But to be part of that family, one has to prove himself loyal, and not selfish. We do not like players who join for instant perc rights, and and you won’t get it straight away.
Although, proving your loyalty and becoming part of the Blank family has its benefits.


Blank is controlled by a council of Second In Command officers and Recruiting Officers, under the direction of the Leader, Youbelieve. You can find the more details about Blank’s officers at our guild page in ankama website: http://www.dofus.com/en/guild/rushu/blank-1138500002
Decisions are made by a group consensus and in the event of a tied decision the Leader chooses the deciding vote.


Keep swearing to extreme situations only - repeat offenses = kick
Guild chat is ALWAYS to be conducted in English - repeat offenses = kick
Guild Chat can be used to buy items, but try not to spam - repeat offenses = kick
Selling of Items on /g is allowed, but try not to spam. As a courtesy try to ad a meaningful discount to the sale.
Religion, cultural, race and sexuality Bashing is not tolerated - Immediate kick
Member Bashing is not tolerated, keep it to blue chat and contact a Councilor/Mentor/SIC - Repeat offenses = kick
Unnecessary verbal abuse or tirades in Black chat whilst in populated areas, or perceptors attack/defense - Repeat offenses = kick

To understand how we distribute rights and how to rank up, check this table:Click here

*Having alts in other guild
1) Do not give out blank perc coordinations to other people.
2) Do not attack blank percs with your alts.
- Obviously this doesn't look good if your alt is seeing attacking blank percs.
- You will be given 1 warning from a SIC. If it happens again, then immediately kicked from Blank.

3) Do not defend when Blank attacks a perc.
- Try every effort in guild chat to negotiate or prevent the attack (i.e. if its your perc that's going to be attacked, try to remove it if you want the resources inside it or negotiate a trade for perc spots).
- Again, this doesn't look good for you, if your alt is defending against blank attackers.
- You will be given 1 warning from a SIC. If it happens again, then immediately kicked from blank.

Critical Failure

The Ranking System
Introduction to Blank & Recruitment Rankingsystem

About Joining Blank

The new recruit phase is very easy. Be a good fellow and know one of the council members to join us. Every single one of our council members got the right to invite his or hers friends. We trust each others and only want our friends to join. We are all oldtime players and as we might lose some quality members this way, we still are willing to go about invites this way. We want to know our members. Easy as that.

We help each other but many of us also have our own agendas. Luckily there are teams, and solo players to call upon for help.

If you need to message an officer in game check out dofus page at Dofus.com

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Introduction to Blank & Recruitment
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