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  Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013

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PostSubject: Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013    Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013 EmptyTue Aug 27, 2013 9:16 pm

There has been many discussions involving perceptors lately. Most of them because of the new update were our perceptors hardly gets killed, and also because you can place several perceptors in the same dungeon.
Many members has been sneaky and taken advantage of this - abusing their perceptor rights by placing more then 3 perceptors. Others been waiting weeks to fill their perceptors. This has caused problem amongst some members as they feel they don't get the chance to take advantage of perceptors the same way.

We have discussed this matter and some of the sic's (including me) are sick and tired of logging on to the same discussions day after day.
Few days ago I took the matter in my own hand and started removing perceptors that had been placed for over 3 weeks. There was several of them. This despite us having a 3 day placing period.

This week we are getting 10 more perceptors and lowering the amount of pods a perceptor can hold.

1. 3 perceptors max per player, no matter which rank above poucher. Alts included. This way we open up so a single member can't hold perceptors in a whole dungeon.

2. 5 day limit on a perceptor or until pods are full. If you haven't collected your perceptor on the 6th day of placement, we will collect it for you. Same goes if your perceptors has been full for 48 hours.
You will not get the resources that the perceptors has collected as our "job" is to manage the guild, not individual perceptors.

3.No perc swapping between 2 guilds , since its cheating and as many of you knows a lot of people have their alts in other guilds , so if swapping is allowed then these new rules are useless.

We will modify it a little as it comes. With ranks comes benefits.

We consider this new system to be fair to everyone. Rules are simple. Instead of taking away your rights to place a perceptor, we simply collect your perceptor for you. Less drama for everyone /yay!

Yours truly,

Perceptor looter

 Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013 05
I'm too old...
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PostSubject: Re: Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013    Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013 EmptyFri Mar 14, 2014 4:20 pm


 Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013 Herosi10
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Perc System - as of 27th Aug 2013
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