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 Alliance rules.

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PostSubject: Alliance rules.   Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:11 am

Just to make the atmosphere suitable for everyone in alliance chat there are some few rules to follow :

-Be friendly with the members of alpha , if you hate/dislike someone just put him on ignore or add him on ennemies.

-You got an issue with a member? let your leader know about it and he will handle it from there.

-Alliance chat is made for alliance matters , buying / selling / trading on alliance chat is forbidden.

-Asking for a craftsman is allowed once , if none replies that means there is no one availaible to help you.

-Its totally up to you to participate on Koth , you dont get blamed for not participating altho we really could need your help to win some territories that will be the benefit for the whole guild.

-Respect each other and make friends around.

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Alliance rules.
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